APC Pathways

The following pathways have been developed to assist therapeutic decisions and improve patient outcomes. Pathways are guidance documents that are designed to complement other resources. The up-to-date SPC, current BNF, NICE Guidance should be referred to. Professional judgement should always prevail before any medicine is prescribed.

Respiratory Pathways

Asthma Pathway for Adult Patients

Asthma Pathway for Patients Aged 12-18

Asthma Pathway for Patients Aged 5-12

COPD Pathway for Adult Patients

Click here to view our simple inhaler reference guide. A great resource for prescribers.

Urology Pathways

Diabetes Pathways

Regional Anticoagulation Initiation Guidance

Constipation Pathway

Antibiotic Pathways

Antibiotic Formulary Prescribing Advice Adults Version 7.1

Antibiotic Formulary Prescribing Advice Paediatric V1.2

Primary Care Antibiotic Guidance

Antibiotic Quick Reference Guide

Transanal Irrigation Products