Humber APC Guidance

General APC Documents

HAPC Guideline on Use of Unlicensed Medicines in Primary Care April 2022

Chapter 2 – Cardiovascular

Amber Guidance for Inclisiran for treating Primary Hypercholesterolaemia or Mixed Dyslipidaemia

HF Protocol No1-V6 Final

Lipid guidance

Non Valvular Atrial fibrillation – following NHSE commissioning recommendations

Chapter 3 – Respiratory System

Nintedanib guidance for pulmonary fibrosis

Pirfenidone guidance for pulmonary fibrosis

Chapter 4 – Central Nervous System Guidelines

Amber guidance for managing migraine and cluster headache

Guidance for Commencing Palliative Care Medicines (Just in Case Drugs) v11 2022 Hull and ERY only

Distress in Dementia – Primary care and Care homes in Hull

Protocol for managing Multiple Sclerosis

Chapter 4 – Leaflets

Buprenorphine leaflet final Hull and ERY only

Chapter 4 – Shared Care Frameworks

Dementia Medication Shared Care Framework Hull and ERY only

Shared care framework for Modafinil (Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire and North East Lincolnshire)

Shared care framework for Riluzole (Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire and North East Lincolnshire)

Shared care for lithium for cluster headache (Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire only)

Shared care for ADHD medicines (North Lincolnshire)

Chapter 5 – Infections

Gastrointestinal infections Hull and ERY only

Upper Respiratory Tract Infections Hull and ERY only

(see Northern Lincolnshire Guidance section for management of infection in Northern Lincolnshire Guidance on the Treatment and Management of Infection in Primary Care)

Amber 1 Prescribing guidance for Fidaxomicin

Amber 1 Prescribing guidance for Fosfomycin

Amber 1 Prescribing guidance for Pivmecillinam

Chapter 7 – Genito-urinary system

Guideline for overactive bladder in females

Chapter 11 – Skin

CHCP wound care formulary (Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire)

North and North East Lincolnshire Joint Dressing and Wound Management Formulary v3.1