Biosimilar Inhalers

There are several biosimilar inhalers on the Formulary. These may offer a more cost effective option without changing the quality of treatment or therapeutic outcome. These can therefore be used in practice if suitable for the patient.

The APC offers the following advisory guidance relating to Sirdupla:

According to current evidence, at time of review, Sirdupla is considered to be equivalent to Seretide in all neccessary clinical and practical aspects. Therefore, the use of Sirdupla in place of Seretide may be appropriate and may offer a direct medicine saving, which would allow investment in other areas of healthcare. Upon review (ought to be annually with the majority of respiratory patients), the most suitable option should be considered for each patient, whether that is the continuation of Sirdupla or the selection of a different device or molecule. The importance of suitably controlling with the lowest dose at the lowest step of the local pathway is an essential part of the review process.