Chapter 15: Anaesthesia

15.1 General anaesthesia

15.1.1 Intravenous anaesthetics

Etomidate Injection 20mg/10ml
Ketamine Injection 10mg/ml, 20ml; 50mg/ml, 10ml; 100mg/ml, 10ml (Controlled Drug)
Propofol Injection 10mg/ml
Thiopental Sodium 500mg

15.1.2 Inhalational anaesthetics

Desflurane 240ml
Halothane 250ml
Isoflurane 250ml
Sevoflurane 250ml

15.1.3 Antimuscarinic drugs

Atropine Injection 600 micrograms/ml
Atropine 1mg/10ml Minijet
Glycopyrronium Injection 200 micrograms/ml
Glycopyrronium 500 micrograms & Neostigmine 2.5mg/ml Injection (Robinul-Neostigmine®)
Hyoscine Hydrobromide Injection 400 micrograms/1ml Anxiolytics and neuroleptics

Chlorpromazine Injection 25mg/ml
Diazepam Tablets 2mg, 5mg
Diazepam Syrup 2mg/5ml, 5mg/5ml
Diazepam Injection 5mg/ml, 2ml
Diazepam Injection (emulsion) 5mg/ml, 2ml
Diazepam Rectal Solution 5mg, 10mg
Lorazepam Tablets 1mg, 2.5mg
Lorazepam Injection 4mg/ml, 1ml
Midazolam Injection 10mg/2ml, 10mg/5ml (Controlled Drug)
Temazepam Tablets 10mg (Controlled Drug)
Temazepam Elixir 10mg/5ml (Controlled Drug) Opioid analgesics

Alfentanil Injection 500 micrograms/ml, 2ml (Controlled Drug)
Alfentanil Injection 5mg/ml, 1ml (Controlled Drug – ICU only)
Fentanyl Injection 50 micrograms/ml, 2ml, 10ml (Controlled Drug)
Remifentanil Injection 1mg/3ml; 2mg/5ml (Controlled Drug) Other drugs for sedation

Dexmedetomidine Injection 100micrograms/ml. Hospital Only, ICU Only

15.1.5 Muscle relaxants

Atracurium Injection 10mg/ml, 2.5ml, 5ml
Cisatracurium Injection 2mg/ml, 10ml, 30ml
Mivacurium Injection 2mg/ml, 5ml, 10ml
Pancuronium Injection 4mg/2ml
Rocuronium Injection 50mg/5ml
Suxamethonium Injection 100mg/2ml
Vecuronium Injection 10mg

15.1.6 Anticholinesterases used in anaesthesia

Neostigmine Injection 2.5mg/1ml
Sugammadex 200mg/2ml Injection

15.1.7 Antagonists for central and respiratory depression

Doxapram Injection 20mg/ml, 5ml
Doxapram Infusion 1g in 500ml Glucose 5%
Flumazenil Injection 100 micrograms/ml, 5ml
Naloxone Injection 400 micrograms/ml, 1ml
Naloxone Neonatal Injection 20 micrograms/ml, 2ml

15.1.8 Drugs for malignant hyperthermia

Dantrolene Injection 20mg vial

Sympathomimetics used in Anaesthesia

Ephedrine Injection 30mg/ml
Metaraminol Injection 10mg/ml, 1ml
Noradrenaline Injection 4mg/2ml acid tartrate equivalent to noradrenaline base 2mg/2ml

15.2 Local anaesthesia

Bupivacaine Injection 0.25%, 0.5%, 10ml
Bupivacaine Infusion 0.1%, 500ml
Bupivacaine Injection (heavy spinal) 5mg, glucose 80mg/ml, 4ml
Bupivacaine and Adrenaline Injection 0.25%, 1 in 200,000; 0.5%, 1 in 200,000; 10ml
Ethyl Chloride Spray
Lidocaine Injection 0.5%, 1%, 2%, 10ml, 2ml ampoules
Lidocaine 2% with Chlorhexidine 0.25% Gel (Instillagel) 6 &11ml
Lidocaine Topical solution 4%, 30ml
Lidocaine Spray 10%, 50ml
Lidocaine and Adrenaline Injection 0.5%, 1%, 2% with 1 in 200,000, 20ml
Lidocaine 5% with phenylephrine 0.5% topical solution
Lidocaine 2.5% & Prilocaine 2.5% Cream, EMLA, 5g
Prilocaine Injection 1%, 20ml
Ropivacaine (Naropin) Injection 400 mg in 200 ml.  Hospital Only
Tetracaine Gel 4%, AMETOP, 1.5g
LMX 4 Cream
Prilotekal® (Prilocaine 2% in Glucose) 0.125% Levobupivacaine



Sodium Citrate Mixture 0.3 molar
Trimetaphan Injection 50mg/ml, 5ml
Lithium chloride injection 0.3mmol for cardiac monitoring in Intensive Therapy Units