Chapter 12: Ear, nose & oropharynx

12.1 Drugs acting on the ear

12.1.1 Otitis externa

i. Dexamethasone and Neomycin Ear spray (Otomize)
ii. Hydrocortisone and Gentamicin Ear drops (Gentisone)
iii. Dexamethasone, Framycetin Sulfate and Gramicidin Ear drops (Sofradex)
iv. Hydrocortisone, Neomycin Sulfate and Polymyxin B Sulfate Ear drops
v. Flumetasone Pivalate and, ClioquinolEar drops (Locorten-Vioform)
vi. Betamethasone Ear drops 0.1%
vii. Chloramphenicol Ear drops 5%
viii. Clotrimazole Solution 1%

12.1.2 Otitis media

See Chapter 5, BNF Guidance and Local Antibiotic Policy

12.1.3 Removal of earwax

i. Olive oil
ii. Chlorobutanol 5% and Arachis (peanut) Oil Ear drops (Cerumol)
iii. Sodium Bicarbonate Ear drops
iv. Docusate Sodium Ear drops 5%

12.2 Drugs acting on the nose

12.2.1 Drugs used in nasal allergy

i. Beclometasone Dipropionate Aqueous nasal spray 50 micrograms
ii. Mometasone 50micrograms Nasal Spray
iii. Fluticasone Propionate Nasal spray 50 micrograms/dose
iv. Budesonide Nasal spray 64 micrograms/dose
v. Fluticasone Furoate Nasal Spray 27.5 micrograms/dose
vi. Fluticasone Propionate 50 micrograms and Azelastine 140 micrograms/dose – 3rd Line Only. Must be used as per SPC licence and only when sub-optimal affect seen with with a combination of oral antihistamines and nasal steroid. Click Here
vii. Sodium Cromoglicate Nasal spray 4%

12.2.2 Topical nasal decongestants

i. Xylometazoline Nasal drops 0.1%
ii. Sodium Chloride 0.9% Nasal Drops. Paediatrics Only
iii. Xylometazoline Paediatric nasal drops 0.05%
iv. Ipratropium Nasal spray 21 micrograms/dose
v. Ephedrine Nasal drops 0.5%, 1%

12.2.3 Nasal preparations for infection and epistaxis

i. Mupirocin Nasal ointment 2%
ii. Naseptin Nasal Cream
iii. Betamethasone and Neomycin Nasal Drops (Betnesol-N)

12.3 Drugs acting on the oropharynx

12.3.1 Drugs for oral ulceration and inflammation

i. Benzydamine 0.15% Spray, Oral Rinse
ii. Hydrocortisone Pellets 2.5mg
iii. Choline Salicylate Gel 8.7%
iv. Orabase Oral paste

12.3.2 Oropharyngeal anti-infective drugs

i. Miconazole Oral gel 2%
ii. Nystatin Suspension 100,000 units/ml

12.3.3 Lozenges and sprays

i. Benzalkonium Lozenges 500 micrograms

12.3.4 Mouthwashes, gargles and dentifrices

i. Chlorhexidine Mouthwash 0.2%, 300ml
ii. Hexetidine Mouthwash 0.1%, 100ml

12.3.5 Treatment of dry mouth

i. Glandosane Spray
ii. Salivix Pastilles
iii. Biotene Oral Balance Gel

Special ENT Products and Preparations

i. BIPP Gauze. Hospital ENT Only
ii. BIPP Paste. Hospital ENT Only
iii. Cicatrin® Powder. Hospital ENT Only
iv. Cocaine Paste 25%. Hospital ENT Only
v. Cocaine 4%, Sodium Bicarbonate 5% & Adrenaline. Hospital ENT Only
vi. Cocaine 5% or 10% and Adrenaline 1:20,000 Solution. Hospital ENT Only
vii. Gelatin Sponge adsorbable 70 x 50 x 1mm. Hospital ENT Only
viii. Lignocaine Topical Spray 4%. Hospital ENT Only

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